Why Stand-Up Comedy is Better Than Other Comedies

Let’s make one thing clear – I don’t hate any type of comedy, I love them all equally, but I love stand-up comedy a bit more – that’s all! Stand-up comedy to me is a great escape from all sorts of worries whether I’m watching it live or a DVD of any comedian. However, this post is mainly aimed at people who are looking for reasons to become a comedian and this is going to be a feeble attempt to try and convince you why you should become a stand-up comedian. So without wasting more of your time, let me start my act to convince you.


It’s Somewhat Easier

Let’s suppose that you want to be a comedian in TV series. I’d say that’s not a bad idea at all. However, the challenges that you’d face for getting into TV comedy would be more than enough to change your mind about comedy altogether. And all this is regardless of the fact that you have talent for comedy or not! On the other hand, if you have even just a little bit of talent for making people laugh, you can try your luck on any stand-up comedy stage. Many stand-up comedy clubs have open-mic nights where anyone from the audience can take the stage and try their luck.

Instant feedback

Stand-up comedy should be your first step if you want to become a full-fledge comedian. Stand-up comedy is performed live in front of a real audience, which means that you can get instant feedback on your act. For a person who is looking to make a huge name in comedy, you’ll need a lot of feed-back and constantly going back to your sketch board to sketch funnier jokes than before on the basis of your feedback.

Confidence Booster

Stand-up comedy is a great confidence booster. People are more than ready to laugh before you even move your lips. For someone, who isn’t confident enough, this can boost their confidence and moral, especially, if they want to become a professional comedian.

Better Perspective on Life

Being a stand-up comedian is a full-time job because as a comedian, you need to come up with new jokes every day, and for that, you’ll have to find humor in everything around you. Whether it’s your personal life or someone else’s life, you can drive something funny out of it. When you develop the habit of dealing everything in a fun way, your life will become much easier and fun to live.

These were just my reasons why I think stand-up comedy is better than other comedies. There’s plenty of shining examples of stand-up comedians who not only got to the top of stand-up comedy, but also made a huge name in movies, TV series, and overall as a comedian.


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