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What makes the Stand-up best?

Stand-up shows have always been fun with ability to bring height of happiness and joy in one’s life through the jolly statements, funny gestures and amusing creative theme lines. Whenever you attend a stand-up show it makes you think about the source of amazingly funny content that makes the comedy act successful. Do they have a team of creative copy writer and editors or it’s just all about the creativity of the person standing in front of you?

Well a successful comedy act counts on several factors in order to make it a real fun and entertainment for the audience. If we look into past, most of the comedians were found to have poor financial background. The content development and scripting of their stand up shows was solely their own productivity through daily life observations and of course creativity of their mind too.

But now in the era of comedy boom, stand-up comedy is a wide-ranging professional field with an ample team of ingenious minds. From the selection of the topic to the presentation of the act, there is the hard work of several creative people behind it but still 80% of the contribution comes from the Stand-up performer as he speaks out of the truth with the material having a personal connection with it. This is what makes the stand-up act exclusive out of the other comedy types.

A perfect comedy always let the audience relate to the subject matter of the act and a real performer knows how to create that connection. Making a current event the topic of your act can let you and your audience both relate to the topic and what makes it humours is the way performer looks at it and depicts it to the audience. Stand-up comedy is not restricted to any certain area and criteria, a comedianpossesses the ability to make anything he comes across a source of comedy for his coming up act. It’s all about manipulating and depicting things in a way that they become a mean a non-stop laughter. Do remember when a performer makes his comedy personal he never runs out of jesting material.

Dealing with hecklers as a stand up

Even the professional stand up comedians sometimes have to deal with hecklers, but they’ve often gained the experience and confidence to do so with apparent ease.  How do you deal with hecklers when you are first starting out and how do you make sure it doesn’t dent your confidence beyond repair?

Firstly, no performer likes to have to deal with hecklers, but the more you perform the more likely you are to encounter them at some point.  In fact, it’s almost guaranteed!  So it’s a good idea to think through some coping strategies before it happens to you.

Though we tend to demonise them all, some hecklers are actually lovable souls who can in fact unwittingly add another element of humor to your routine.  However, more likely they are ignorant or even downright malicious individuals who will interrupt your performance and possibly even wreak havoc.  I’ve put a few tips together as to what you might want to do when you encounter hecklers during your performance:

  • Keep calm!  They are craving the attention and if you lose your cool you will appear unprofessional and the rest of the audience might turn their sympathy from you to the heckler.
  • Think carefully if you intend to use sarcasm, disparaging remarks or put downs.  Though done subtly they can sometimes work, again, don’t lose the audience, keep them on your side.
  • Sometimes it can work to just ignore a heckler.  The audience may even participate, telling them to shut up or stop spoiling the routine.  A bit like a playground bully, if they are failing to get the response they expected, they will sometimes give up and go quiet.  Be aware though, this doesn’t always work, they may decide to just up it a notch!
  • If giving them the cold shoulder didn’t work, maybe just take a momentary pause and look at them directly.  The disruption to the routine and possibly attention of the audience might make them reconsider if they had thought they were just being funny.
  • Sometimes you can work with the heckler.  If their comment or remark was genuinely funny, don’t shrug it off.  They can help you to get laughs from the audience.
  • If the heckler begins to cause serious disruption, most club owners will have a policy for dealing with them.  Know beforehand if there are any special arrangements in place that you should be aware of for indicating to the owner or security that a heckler needs to be dealt with.

Like I said before, some hecklers can actually be a bonus, so don’t dismiss them all or be in totally dread.  Just have some tactics in place for dealing with them.