Refine and Shine in the show

allow yourself to shine

The very step to polish your stand up skills, is to become a frequent visitor of comedy shows. You can follow your favourite stand-up performers through social networks, the best place to keep in touch with them and stay updated about what they are up to and what are their upcoming releases. The online discussion forums and comments of fans on social networks also provide you a sound understanding about the sense of humour of majority of the comedy lovers. This is how you will learn what people think is funny and what should be the areas to consider while scripting a funny piece of writing for your comedy act.

When you are actually getting started with it, the first habit you should develop is to observe and write. You are a future comedian, you should be a keen observer who notice everything that comes his way. Keep a notebook with you and write everything interesting you observed or come across. At the end of the day, you will have a handsome amount of funny stuff that you can use in your stand-up act.

Now comes the presentation of what you have scripted. Your confidence is a main factor in making you a real comedian. Speaking confidently in front of a bunch of people helps a person greatly getting over the stage fear. If you are good at public speaking, you have probably the ability to run a good comedy act.  Going to the Open Mic Nights is also a great idea for breaking into comedy act. This will really help you to build up your confidence and test your abilities.

You can attend short courses to further polish your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. The more confident speaker you are, the more successful comedian you will be in future. You will also find a wide range of Comedy courses conducted by many renowned academies. Even some comedians also organize workshops for the beginners to help them learn the basics of comedy and enhance their skills. You can learn several of secret tactics of comedy acts through these workshops.




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