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Four Common Mistakes in Stand up Comedy

Stand up comedy is a very challenging field. It requires a lot of practice and hard work. The new stand up comedians often commit some common mistakes. Most of these mistakes are simple and the reason behind committing such mistakes is the absence of proper guidance. There is a little difference between being funny person and being professional comedian. To act something funny in front of people needs attitude, which comes with experience. However, the passion to learn from mistake and to improvise your talent further plays an important role in this.


Thinking of yourself being very funny is not enough, as it does not ensure that the crowd will like you too.  You will have to learn from your mistakes in order to make your way towards your goal of becoming a successful stand up comedian. Four common mistakes that new aspiring stand up comedians mostly make are mentioned below:

  1. The new comedians think that a good written material is all required to make their act successful. That is not truth. Delivery and presentation both play a crucial role in making any act funny. In fact, they are often more important than the jokes told. A good story can completely fall flat due to bad delivery and presentation. On the other hand, a strong delivery and presentation can prove extremely helpful in uplifting an unimpressive script.
  2. Body language is ignored by new comedians, which is yet another mistake. Changes in voice tone are good for the act. The variation in facial expressions and gestures is important for your act. It adds charm to your act and attracts the audience to listen carefully to what you are saying. Try watching stand up comedy videos to build your presentation skills and body language.   
  3. The comedians at times do not have a lot of interest and some background knowledge about the topic they have chosen to talk about. Make sure to have some knowledge about the topic of your act and to use your own content. You have to be spontaneous and effortless while performing live so try to find out the material relevant to the topic of your performance.
  4. Many new comedians underestimate the need of rehearsals. This is a major mistake, which new people in comedy, commit. It is always a good idea to rehearse your act again and again. This will also help you to boost your self-confidence. The more you rehearse, the better you will perform later.

Guidelines for Being a Standup Comedian

There are plenty of options for selecting a career for your practical life. Very few people choose to be a comedian. Mostly join it as part time activity but with proper guidance and planning, this can be a successful career. Numerous popular stand up comedians can be considered as examples. Stand up comedy videos also have financial benefits for artists at present. By keeping all this in view, I decided to be a comedian. The next step was finding some proper guidelines and making an effective plan for success. I started struggling for that and my keen observation and little practice gave me plenty of experience and success. I want to share some positive points here for guidance of people willing to join this career:

  1. Observe your surrounding intensely and try to find things, which are ignored by others but your treatment can turn them into something worthy. Watch others approach towards it but do not copy anyone and maintain your originality.
  2. In next step, practice to display your collected material, it is quite helpful to act in front of a mirror. It will help you to find flaws in your performance and you can improve your content and expression. Repeated practice will make you perfect for your task.
  3. Find some opportunity to make a break in the field. It can be a club, a school, college, or any gathering in your locality. Schools and colleges are easy in approach, as in clubs you may have to wait for long to get an opportunity.
  4. Before going to perform, you must have plenty of rehearsal to avoid any failure on the stage. Prefer being alone at your rehearsal time to keep your comedy unrevealed before time. Do loud rehearsal so that you can find the audio effect of your performance.
  5. Stand up comedy is quite tough, as it is in live atmosphere and there are no retakes. So, enhance your confidence by doing more and more practice before the actual event.
  6. Ensure that you have selected the material according to your target audience and they are really ready to listen what you want them to listen. When you hold microphone for your performance, keep in view the previous events performed on stage to judge the mood of audience in order tp set your target accordingly.
  7. Manage your material as per your allotted time. Do not surpass your allotted time, as it will affect your professional image and worth.


Stand up comedy has become very famous, which is why stand up comedy classes have become very popular too. There is a wide range of options available for stand up comedy classes. It is a great form of art to learn. All good stand up comedians are funny but they always need a direction to become better and to improvise their comedy skills. Comedians are not born funny rather they become comedians by learning comedy and by acquiring essential comedy skills. Here is a review of stand up comedy classes to know what you can expect from these classes.

Other subjects can be learned from books. However, as far as stand up comedy is concerned, it cannot be learned completely from books. It is not just about writing funny jokes, but involves techniques and skills required to present the content in an effective way in front of the audience. You should be good enough at presenting your act to satisfy and entertain the audience. Writing is essential for good comedy but it is not all required to become a humorous stand up comedian. There are many other features you ought to have in order to make the audience roar into laughter.

To become a star of comedy, it is always helpful to take stand up comedy classes. Choosing to take stand up comedy classes means that you want to opt this performance art to get recognition from the crowd. The things, which an effective stand up comedy class, can teach you include Structure, networking with others, and stage etiquettes and conductance.

You need to be careful about determining the credentials of the class teacher. Check the teacher’s website and look at his profile. Be sure that the teacher is good enough to teach you good comedy. Learn and be experimental in comedy. Do not be afraid to act and believe in your gut feeling. See yourself if things work or not. You can learn different terminologies of comedy in these classes that will help you to become professional in this field. You can also take help of online stand up comedy videos to enhance your comedy techniques further.

Comedy is something that can be learned if you have the thrust and passion for it. Unlike some forms of comedy, which require the same structure like sitcom writing and screenplay writing, stand up comedy is different. It is all about new stuff and it is quite experimental. You need to discover your funny aspects, which can make your crowd roll into laughter. It is fun and requires creativity.


If you are interested in learning good stand up comedy or want to opt it as your career, you definitely need to know about the punch line mechanics along with the other things required to learn it. There are a few tips and techniques mentioned below, which can help you to perform good stand up comedy and improvise your comedy skills:

TIP # 1

The punch lines spoken are usually less than 8-9 words long. Stand up comedians need to recall the things they say to others, which are funny to understand the punch line secret. It is the structure of your punch line, which adds surprise and laughter to it. The true sense of the punch line is not revealed until you end it. The punch lines have their effects mostly in their endings. You should edit and adjust the punch lines to make them more appropriate and big laugh material. The word placement in punch lines plays an important role.

TIP # 2

Your delivery plays a crucial role. At right time, stand up comedians deliver the punch lines that will give them the most laughter feedback from the audience. Therefore, you need to practice your act to make the most out of it and to have a good control over your delivery of punch lines before you perform live.

TIP # 3

Practise the comedy material with your friends and family before you present it on the stage. Make sure not to tell them that you are actually practicing to deliver your comedy material. You can have more control in your delivery abilities. It might help you in boosting your self-confidence, which is very necessary to become a successful stand up comedian.
TIP # 4

Watching stand up comedy videos on the internet can prove very beneficial and enable you to learn many tricks and tactics from the professional comedians. They provide you access to watch the performances of all the talented and extraordinary comedians available around the globe and analyze their performances. Stand up comedy videos can help you to enhance your abilities and to improvise your techniques. You may review these funny comedian videos and note down the punch lines, which were used to get the laughs. Closely analyze the word placement in those punch lines and their sentence structure. This might help you to generate your own punch lines more effectively and to boost your creativity. They can also prove helpful in teaching you how to win the hearts of the audience and to make them laugh like crazy, which should be the real aim and target of a comedian.