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The Sensation Bill Hicks and His Comedy

Bill Hicks was one of the best stand up comedians of his era. His life was short but sensational. Fans know him by many names such as preacher, philosopher, social satirist but his role as a comedian was much glorious. Although he had a short career, but in this short time period, he made his place in the hearts of many people.

He started performing at the age of 15 against the will of his parents. He used to take drugs and drink a lot to be conscious. Finally, he was invited in TexasOutlaw Comics that helped him nurture as a comedian. However, it was not just his comedy that grew, his habit of drug taking and alcoholic addiction also grew massively.

Hicks started writing comedy when he was 13 years old. Within a short while, he got so much proficiency in the work that his high school English teacher used to allow him 5 minutes in the spot before starting the class.  When he graduated, he urged to walk on the road of comedy.

His first album, Dangerous was released in 1990. This was the start of his career.  He used to perform with a group of American stand up comedians in West End, London.

He made audiences in Canada, UK, and then finally in USA. At home, he was known to be unpatriotic. He got wider recognition when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He wanted to convey his last massage to the audience when he was performing at the Letterman Show but this chance was taken from him because it was considered that his material could be dangerous for the mainstream audience. After his death, he even got more popularity. His stand up comedy videos and clips started to get widely popular. He even appeared in the best and famous lists of comedians.

Bill Hicks had a great friendship with comedian Denis Leary. However after 1993, their friendship fell apart. Many comedians said that Leary was borrowing Hick’s persona for most of his acts.

During his stand up comedy acts, he used to invite audience to challenge authority.  He was also voted as the hot stand up comic in 1993 by Rolling Stone. He used to attack the mainstream society in most of his performances. Many of his stand up comedy videos and acts were based on such themes. But still he is one of the most astonishing performers of stand up comedy.


Some Misconceptions Related To Stand Up Comedy

When you are writing stand up comedy, it is best if you get accurate information on the subject.  It is human nature that if an individual gets second opinions, then he eventually finds answers he wants to hear.  When it comes to stand up comedy, there are certain misconceptions that don’t let the people excel in the field.

Here take a look at these misconceptions and see whether you are practicing in the right direction or not:

Individuals, who don’t have the comedy talent can learn to become funny on stage.  There is a possibility that you can learn to act funny and eventually get successful in generating huge laughs. However, if you don’t have any natural comedy talent, it can be really hard for you to move forward with comedy. You need to develop acting skills. You should possess the ability of writing and most of all can deliver the comedy act rightly. It will take years and years to achieve the proficiency of headliner.

Such folks wish to make their audience scream with laughter but in reality, they are hardly able to make them laugh. They remain at the bottom level of the food chain of comedy.These are the same individuals, who say that nothing seems to work for them with which they can make their audiences happy.  In reality, the major reason behind the failure is the fact that they don’t possess natural comedy talent.  Professional stand up comedians never lack such a talent. It’s not that it’s impossible, but it will take time to be actually good.

Another misconception is that those folks, who have natural comedy talent, need to focus on the joke writing formulas and this means that it may take years to master the art of bringing big laughs as a result of their routines.  If you have ever come across success stories of stand up comedians, you will learn that they merely started because they had the talent.

Many professionals say that joke writing can halt the growth of a comedian because he would always have to judge whether his jokes are funny or not. The truth is that delivery is what makes you get laughs. Watch some stand up comedy videos and observe this thing on your own. Half of the success of the performance is based on your delivery.

Whether you are a newbie or experienced in comedy, you must observe these things to make your career in comedy.


5 Best Stand Up Comedy Clips

Stress is the common thing in our daily life. We feel stressed over traffic issues, with the study issues, job issues, relationship issues, health issues, etc. To tackle such issues, we do our best to avoid the stress and stay normal. The only way to stay normal is by smiling or laughing. Of course, you cannot just smile or laugh without any reason, therefore, you need to have some source, which can make you laugh.

People do different things to overcome their stressed situations. Some goes out, some meet friends, some follow their hobby, and some try yoga. The ways are unlimited to cheer up you while in stress.  The well known one is to watch out the comedy videos. Some of the stand up comedy videos are very popular in this regard. People keep these videos in their smartphone and get the DVDs to watch whenever they want.

These days, a new trend has been introduced in which the user sends comedy videos to each other and enjoys them. These videos are fun to watch and relax the senses of people. There were lots of famous stand up comedians, who did amazing work in past to make people laugh. They have the quality that no one can ever beat and that is why, they are still remembered by their fans. Some of the all time best stand up comedy videos are as follows:

Holiday Traditions:

This is a very famous video by the comedian Jim Gaffigan. In this video, he is talking about some illogical holiday traditions that are super funny and can make you laugh even when you are in a grim mood.

Children and their secrets:

This is pretty renowned comedy clip that people love to see. It is by the stand up comedian Louis CK, who is telling about the things that children tell us. He is really performing that humor in a genius way in that clip.


Who does not know the great Jim Carrey? All of us do! He makes some great faces and can mould into any character so easily. Do you know that he did some stand up comedy as well? Yes, he has the video in which he is doing stand up comedy and telling us about his funny experience of growing up in Canada.

Nuclear Holocaust:

The highly famous comedian, who did some great acts, was famous for telling his absurd school kid experiences especially about how he used to create the bombs in his childhood.

Our similarities:

In this video of George Carlin, he is talking so simply and humorously about the common things, that all of us have in. This video is full of amazing humor.