Stand up comedy is a demanding profession, as it demands your time and effort. You have to work very hard to make your place in this field. . When you begin your career as a stand up comedian, there are some points that you should keep in mind to make sure that you do not commit any common mistake that the newbies are likely to make.

Only because you think you are funny does not necessarily means that the audience will think the same for you. It is hard to perform in front of an unknown audience. You have to read the mind of the people sitting in front of you to know what can actually make them burst into laughter. It is this uncertainty about your act to meet the demands of the audience that makes this field thrilling yet difficult. You never know what will be the response of the crowd, hence, your act may go completely flat or even become an instant success.

Some beginners think that a well-written content is all they need to make their act a complete hit and get the desired response from the audience. This is not true. Presentation, delivery techniques, and timing are more crucial in a stand up comedy act. A good written content can be ruined by weak delivery and presentation. However, a weak joke or short story can surely be lifted with the help of strong delivery and solid presentation. The audience sees and hears you, so the funnier you look and sound, the better it will be for your performance.

The importance of body language is often overlooked by beginners. Stand up comedians are free to move around and make use of their body language to entertain the crowd. This is an important feature of stand up comedy. Therefore, newbies should always pay attention on their body language including rise and fall in voice pitch, facial expressions, gestures, and vocal tones. You can improve your non-verbal communication skills by watching stand up comedy videos online. Watch how big comedians make use of their body language and probes to give a laughter packed performance.

Many beginners neglect the power of rehearsals. It is a very common mistake made by them. You should never be over confident and always do as much practice as you can. A well-rehearsed act is the key to get maximum laughter from the audience.

You must have good level of interest in you topics of your performance. Make sure that you have some background knowledge about them. This is important because your selection of topic is definitely going to influence the quality of your material.

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