Ways to Not Fail at Stand-Up Comedy

I have wanted to write on Stand-Up comedy ever since I got into it. Stand-Up comedy is not as easy as it seems. It requires lot of confidence and hard work. Speaking funny on stage is very difficult, especially when your aim is to make a crowd laugh. I’ll tell you some ways to avoid sucking at Stand-Up Comedy.

Choose the Material According to Your Crowd

The first thing you need to understand is that every crowd is different, and every crowd has its own demands. Being a Stand-Up Comedian, you will face elder crowd, younger crowd, dumb crowd or intellectual crowd. So, your comedy material must be according to your crowd. You will have to tailor the jokes, accordingly. I’m not sure if you’ll like it. Many people want to do, whatever they want. For example, you mustn’t make fun of blondes, if most of your audience consists of them. It may offend them.

Cover up Your Failure Strongly

You might have been practicing at your home for the great occasion, and you might have thought all your jokes would make the audience laugh, but in reality, that is not usually the case. If ever, you fail to get good laugh for any of your jokes, you should have a comeback joke in your kitty. One more thing, if the audience doesn’t find you funny, never blame it. Instead, just say “Oh that was silly”. This acceptance may fetch you some good laughs.

Never Become Harsh with Your Audience

Try your best, not to be harsh with the audience. Don’t pretend to be edgy in front of the crowd. They don’t generally like it. But, if your fame is of an angry comedian, you can do that, because, in that case, people have to see you rant.

Don’t Get Too Much Drunk

Most of the comedy clubs have bars, and drinking there will be a ‘must-do’. You must not drink too much that you lose your senses. Stand-Up Comedy is not something that you can do, even when you aren’t in your senses. All your preparation will go in vain if get drunk, so try to avoid getting overindulged.

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