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Funny One Liners and Stand-Up Comedy  

Jokes are the easiest and most convenient way of entertaining yourself or someone else. A good joke guarantees a good laugh. Interestingly, one liner jokes are one of the best ways to trigger giggles.

Telling jokes are the manner by which, the most social and expert humorists ventilate diverse tensions and affirm our racial and different preferences. Laughing at your problems lessens the stress and makes you feel better. So the impact of clever one line jokes is inverse to that of traditional comedy. In regular comedy, the point of achievement is to profit the individual laughed at. With interesting one liner jokes, the laugh measures the giggling.

Funny one liner jokes are usually used by comedians during their stand-up comedy performances. Audiences enjoy one liners a lot as they are short and witty. Thus, they are able to get maximum attention from the audience.

If you want to pursue a career as a successful comedian especially when it comes to stand-up comedy, you need to develop a strong command on funny one liner jokes. Try using them in your gigs a decent during all your performances.

Stand-up comedy and amusing one line jokes in its new importance flourished and got to be supported light perusing among Augustan Age Literate Citizens, due to the efforts of a few industrialists, who were basically from the quickly growing working classes. Humor, generally because of amusing one line jokes, much sooner than it had a name, was not the innovation of Greek writers or patrician Roman artists. It was inverted by conventional individuals and is the most established of the three types of comedy.

Five Tips to become a Successful Stand-Up Comedian  

The art of stand-up comedy is unique, intriguing yet demanding and challenging. Thus, it is a big hassle to make a successful career out of this art. However, with clever and calculated planning, any good comedian can successfully build a career in stand-up comedy. In our today’s article, we bring you five simple tips for any stand-up comedian who desires to be successful.

  1. on a bigger piece of paper, jot down your name.

As mentioned before, stand-up comedy is a challenging and competitive career to choose. There are many talented comedians out there who want to perform and make a successful career out of stand-up comedy, however all of gem can’t. Along these lines a basin framework is utilized. Invested individuals compose their names on bits of paper that are put in a basin. The host then draws out names from the basin and announces them resoundingly. If your name gets called out, that means it’s your lucky day and you are chosen. There will be a heap of paper scraps and a pen for you to write your name with. These bits of paper will frequently be hand torn, thus these bits of paper are not the same size. Here is the trap: since the working standard of the container framework is that each one bit of paper has an equivalent shot of being drawn, you can have an advantage due to this framework by having your name written on a bigger piece of paper. This increases the chances of your piece of paper being snatched by the host.

  1. Fold up the bit of paper with your name on it.

A big scrap of paper is extraordinary; however it is just assisting your stand-up profession by means of the x and y-pivot of that container. By folding your piece of paper, you enter the z-axis of your stand-up career. Paper is slender, so an ordinary ream of paper has around seven thousand bits of paper in it. Due to this, your piece of paper can effortlessly get lost on the lowest part of that pail. So fold the piece of paper with your name on it and then un crumple.

  1. Bring along a pre-crumpled paper with your name on it.

This will spare you time at the gig. You can utilize this time in doing something more productive, like interacting and making contacts with different comedians and performers, club managers, late night television show bookers as well as other individuals who are a regular part of such gigs. Once more, verify that your piece of paper is big. You can use the size 8.5″x11″ as it is excessively prominent. Take out your bit of paper and after that put it on a table close to the basin.

  1. While putting your paper in the basin, hold up until the last conceivable minute.

The gig host will make an enormous show about swinging his or her hand around the basin, as though stirring up the bits of paper; however we are suspicious that this is a stratagem. Hold up until after, then hurry to the stage and make a wail story for why you got late. The host will probably just make a rude remark but in any case will let you put your price of paper on top of the can, giving you an advantage to be picked.

  1. Even if your name isn’t called, pretend as if it is.


After following the four tips above, you have done all that you can to guarantee that you are a stand-up comedian. Presently you’re simply holding up for your name to be called. A best practice propensity is to say, “That is me!” a couple of names into the drawing, whether it is really your name. There is always a chance that the individual who has been called out is not available in the room or maybe too oblivious or deaf to hear his name, so you can fame it till you make and land into that dream career of yours.

That is it! Do this here and there a month and you’ll be good to go!

Things to Remember While Starting a Career in Standup Comedy

Starting a career in Stand up Comedy can be a pain in the ass. You will need lot of content, confidence and good sense of humor to make a good start. Here are few things you will need to keep in mind if you are pursuing a career in Stand up Comedy.

Before you actually go to perform on a public stage, you must practice a lot. Since practice makes man perfect, you can also be perfect. The best way to do is to either perform in front of a mirror or tape yourself on the camera so that you don’t shy away. By recording yourself on camera, you can also see what needs to be improved and what is good. In short, you can point out your flaws by doing so.

Even if you think you are not ready to perform on stage, you can visit the clubs and observe how professionals are behaving and how they perform. You will find many useful tricks. Also, you can perform in front of your close friends and ask them what they think about your act. They can give you honest advice. By doing so, you will get to know where there is the room to improvement, as well as finding connections in clubs.

When you actually get a chance to perform at an event, never insult your audience. Just because others do, doesn’t mean you can also get away. Since you are in the initial stages of your performing career, you mustn’t risk it by being disrespectful to your audience.

The most important part is to have a notebook with you, wherever you go. The ideas, the inspirations for your acts can come from anywhere. You must write them down because ideas come as they go.

The last advice I can give is to be you, no matter what. Never attempt to copy any of the famous comedians because you will give away your identity. You need people to recognize as a comic, and not as an imitator of some other comedian.

Benefits of Stand up Comedy

After a long, tiring day, everyone wants to relax and forget their worries. Either they go to the nearest Stand up comedy club or watch movie in the cinema, they want to relax and get entertained. One can say without any doubt that laughing brings comfort and relaxation to our body and mind.


The first and foremost advantage of standup comedy is that it brings laughter, which means you exercise. Whenever your Diaphragm moves and your ribs and displaced, it is helping your body to relax. Laughing also helps in exercising your lungs, as you breath more heavily using your lungs.

The most essential benefit of parody and laughing is the focal point it provides for the mental and passionate prosperity. Apparently, parody and laughing calms anxiety and strain which can counteract inclination issue like uneasiness and wretchedness. At the point when individuals giggle, their body discharges endorphins which are regular feel-great hormones; it makes a feeling of prosperity and can incidentally diminish torment. What’s more, comic drama can make individuals stronger amid times when they are confronted with issues and troubles.

Give us a chance to not overlook that humor is irresistible. The sound of an individual laughing is a larger number of infectious than a yawn; it ties individuals closer together expanding joy, and closeness. It encourages positive relationship in the middle of families and companions. In addition is that it is an influential cure against anxiety, damages, and clash. It brings the brain and the body go into offset while lightening the battles and troubles, as an exchange moving trusts and uniting with others.

There are numerous methods for closure one’s day with comic drama and huge amounts of chuckling. It may incorporate viewing entertaining movies or TV shows, setting off to a comic bar with stand-up comedians, or simply just being with the organization of family and companions. One thing remains and that is, impacts of parody and giggling support both physical and enthusiastic wellbeing. It develops a loose, inventive, joyful, positive, and adjusted view on the matters that happen, making the normal test and anxiety endurable and evincible.