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More to get and enjoy from AT&T internet packages, Atlanta

Getting and enjoying an enhanced digital lifestyle in Atlanta becomes possible by signing up with AT&T. The AT&T Atlanta internet plans and packages are all created for every local’s online needs while fitting right into their budget.

The most amazing deals are right on your doorstep whether your need is for TV, the internet, and a home phone connection.

Relocating to a new place could sometimes be troublesome and frustrating especially for digital connections. What is unavoidable is the change of phone numbers which is to be expected because of the new zip code. However, when it comes to the internet and cable television services, AT&T has you covered with their quick and easy reinstallation anywhere you will be located in the United States.

Moving or living in Atlanta poses few digital connection problems with AT&T. This is because of the company’s use of their latest FTTN technology which directly connects Fiber to Node to give the highest and most reliable internet, voice, and TV connections. Using this kind of technology means you get the internet speed tier chosen even when you are located far from the company’s central office. However, it should be noted that the farthest range allowable speed tier available is for downstream speeds of 19 Mbps with upstream speeds of 2 Mbps.

Choosing the internet only plan with AT&T can give you a basic downstream speed of 6 Mbps along with a monthly 250 GB allowable data. While this may be one of the cheapest internet priced plans, bundling it with either TV or home phone can save you more. The lock-in rates for 2 years offered in bundled packages are great money savers.

With TV only plan, an offer from the company is their package of DirecTV. Signing up for this single TV pack gives you more than 240 channels to enjoy watching at home including sports packages that are unmatched by any other provider. A DirecTV app is also free to upload on any compatible device. Opting for HD DVR gives you the highest TV experience by watching all channels in high definition.

Go for the best brand such as AT&T when it comes to your digital needs. Call us today to get the right plan for you.