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Frequently Asked Questions About Overseas Car Shipping Services

Overseas car shipping can become very complicated, very quickly. When you are thinking about shipping cars overseas, you have to understand the process end to end. This helps to ensure that your car shipping experience goes smoothly and without any hitches. Most importantly, in case of any damages or accidents, your damages are covered. Understanding begins with answering questions. Asking the right questions got you here and we are going to give you answers for the most frequently asked questions about shipping your car overseas.


Q 1: As I ship my vehicle overseas, should I remove my license plates and registration tags from my vehicle before shipping?


Yes you should if your vehicle is being shipped on the Roll on Roll off vessel. In such shipping methods, you should remove your registration tags and license plate before you hand over your vehicle. Whether you yourself are dropping the vehicle at the port or when you are handing it over to the transportation trucking company. You can put back on your vehicle once you receive them on the destination. Depending on the destination country’s policies, you may or maynot be allowed to drive your car with its existing license and registration tags. So make sure to inquire about it as well before shipping your vehicle.

Q 2: When shipping my vehicle overseas, can anybody pick the vehicle up at the destination Port?

Yes! You can nominate anyone to pick your car for you at the destination pickup point or port. Make sure to advise your car shipping company about such arrangements at least a few days. Doing this will ensure that your nominated person will be able to receive your vehicle on your behalf. The nominee will be required to provide proof of their identity with a picture ID as well as provide letter of permission to pick your vehicle and the Title of Ownership. Your car shipping company may charge your extra fee if you fail to notify the car shipping company about your nominee before the car is loaded.

Q 3: Do I need a driver’s license and foreign vehicle registration to drive in a foreign country?

You will most likely require an International Driver’s License to drive your car in a different country. Your car shipping company can tell you about whether or not your existing license will work in the destination country. Similarly, the registration of your vehicle, depending on where it originated from, will only work in a few countries. For example, if you are shipping car from America to Europe, then you can use your American Driver’s License and Car Registration in Europe.

Q 4: When shipping my vehicle overseas, will there be anybody to assist me when my vehicle arrives in the destination country?

Yes! Clearing agents at all destination ports will assist you with clearance of your vehicle.