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Tips To Save Money On Car Shipping

Car shipping industry has benefited a lot of people in helping them move their vehicles from one part of the country to another and across oceans. Some people ship cars for a living and there are a lot of people who benefit from their services. Even people who need to ship cars on occasion basis can benefit from these services. But occasional users often end up paying a lot of money for shipping their cars. This is mainly not the fault of the car shipping company or their secret ways to bleed more money out of you by overcharging. As it happens, most people who are new to car shipping UK are not aware of what things will be charged and what won’t be. If the user knows what they are looking for, what could be translated into more cost etc. he/she can avoid such things and save money on car shipping. Here we are going to discuss some such tips that will help you save money on car shipping, whether it is across country or overseas.


Don’t Hire A Car Shipper Until You’re Sure Of Your Car Shipping Needs

Most car shipping companies will ask for an initial deposit to safeguard a space for your vehicle on their transporters. This amount is often non-refundable and for good reason too. Car shipping companies decide carrier routes based on actual demand. Meaning, even if you cancel, the transporter coming to pick up your vehicle will still be going on that route. So make sure to identify all of your car shipping needs, then go to look for a car shipping company based on your needs.


Do Not Pack Stuff In Your Vehicle

Whether you are shipping across country or across oceans. It is never a good idea to pack your personal belonging in the vehicle. The main reason not to do so is because it adds up to the total weight of the vehicle, which is very important when you are shipping overseas. The quotes you got from car shipping companies based on make and model of your vehicle were calculated on the basis of its original weight. If it weighs more than it should, then you will be charged extra for the overweight of your vehicle.


Original Inspection Report

When you are shipping your vehicle across country. The person coming in to pick up your vehicle will inspect your vehicle and provide you an inspection report. Make sure to review it before the car shipping personal leaves and discuss any discrepancies mentioned in the report. This comes in handy when you receive your vehicle and it has damages that were not mentioned in the inspection report. You can claim these from the car shipping company.


Should You Export Your Classic Car Before Winters?

Classic cars do not come by everyday and if you have a classic car, then you should take proper care in maintaining it. People who like to collect classic cars are aware of the needs of their classic cars. Classic cars require more attention to detail as compared to normal cars. This is why, weather and other natural things can damage your vehicle more than you know. It is one of the main reasons why many classic car owners do not keep their classic cars in the cold and snowy areas. Winters are tough on all sorts of cars but they affect classic cars more so. This is because classic cars have seen their fair share of winters and they are often not capable of handling the winters anymore.

Driving Your Classic Car to Warmer Areas?

As tempting as it may sound, it might not be a great idea to drive your classic car to a warmer area for the winters. Even if you look up the weather forecast beforehand, there are lots of things that can go wrong on the road. You do not want to take that risk with your classic vehicle. You should only consider driving to warmer areas if it is a short distance. Otherwise it is best to look for a vehicle export or car transport company that specializes in shipping / moving classic cars.

Choose The Right Car Transport Company

Transporting your classic car starts with choosing the right car transport company. Keep in mind that there are thousands of car shipping companies out there. All of them claim to be reliable and cheap. But you should not go for empty claims and do your own research in choosing the right auto transport company to transport your classic car.

First of all, filter all the car shipping companies based on whether or not they offer specialized services for transporting classic cars. This will narrow down your search. Then look for company reviews online and talk the companies on phone or in person and ask them about how much experience they have in transporting classic cars. If it helps, ask them about transporting methods available and also if you can talk to their previous classic car customers.

When you are thinking about shipping a classic car, you should not be considering shipping between open and closed car carriers. Because when your classic car is involved, you should always go for closed car transport carriers. Open car carriers are far less expensive as compared to closed car carriers. But that is not something that should sway you towards it especially if you have a rare classic car.

Closed car transport carriers help a lot in protecting your classic car from elements during its transit. But that is not all that closed carriers provide. Open carriers use ramps for loading and unloading vehicles, which is not safe for classic cars and often results in damages. If you have a valuable classic car, then you should look for a closed carrier services that has a lift gate elevator to load and unload your classic car.