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Things to Remember While Starting a Career in Standup Comedy

Starting a career in Stand up Comedy can be a pain in the ass. You will need lot of content, confidence and good sense of humor to make a good start. Here are few things you will need to keep in mind if you are pursuing a career in Stand up Comedy.

Before you actually go to perform on a public stage, you must practice a lot. Since practice makes man perfect, you can also be perfect. The best way to do is to either perform in front of a mirror or tape yourself on the camera so that you don’t shy away. By recording yourself on camera, you can also see what needs to be improved and what is good. In short, you can point out your flaws by doing so.

Even if you think you are not ready to perform on stage, you can visit the clubs and observe how professionals are behaving and how they perform. You will find many useful tricks. Also, you can perform in front of your close friends and ask them what they think about your act. They can give you honest advice. By doing so, you will get to know where there is the room to improvement, as well as finding connections in clubs.

When you actually get a chance to perform at an event, never insult your audience. Just because others do, doesn’t mean you can also get away. Since you are in the initial stages of your performing career, you mustn’t risk it by being disrespectful to your audience.

The most important part is to have a notebook with you, wherever you go. The ideas, the inspirations for your acts can come from anywhere. You must write them down because ideas come as they go.

The last advice I can give is to be you, no matter what. Never attempt to copy any of the famous comedians because you will give away your identity. You need people to recognize as a comic, and not as an imitator of some other comedian.


Stand up comedy is a demanding profession, as it demands your time and effort. You have to work very hard to make your place in this field. . When you begin your career as a stand up comedian, there are some points that you should keep in mind to make sure that you do not commit any common mistake that the newbies are likely to make.

Only because you think you are funny does not necessarily means that the audience will think the same for you. It is hard to perform in front of an unknown audience. You have to read the mind of the people sitting in front of you to know what can actually make them burst into laughter. It is this uncertainty about your act to meet the demands of the audience that makes this field thrilling yet difficult. You never know what will be the response of the crowd, hence, your act may go completely flat or even become an instant success.

Some beginners think that a well-written content is all they need to make their act a complete hit and get the desired response from the audience. This is not true. Presentation, delivery techniques, and timing are more crucial in a stand up comedy act. A good written content can be ruined by weak delivery and presentation. However, a weak joke or short story can surely be lifted with the help of strong delivery and solid presentation. The audience sees and hears you, so the funnier you look and sound, the better it will be for your performance.

The importance of body language is often overlooked by beginners. Stand up comedians are free to move around and make use of their body language to entertain the crowd. This is an important feature of stand up comedy. Therefore, newbies should always pay attention on their body language including rise and fall in voice pitch, facial expressions, gestures, and vocal tones. You can improve your non-verbal communication skills by watching stand up comedy videos online. Watch how big comedians make use of their body language and probes to give a laughter packed performance.

Many beginners neglect the power of rehearsals. It is a very common mistake made by them. You should never be over confident and always do as much practice as you can. A well-rehearsed act is the key to get maximum laughter from the audience.

You must have good level of interest in you topics of your performance. Make sure that you have some background knowledge about them. This is important because your selection of topic is definitely going to influence the quality of your material.

The Sensation Bill Hicks and His Comedy

Bill Hicks was one of the best stand up comedians of his era. His life was short but sensational. Fans know him by many names such as preacher, philosopher, social satirist but his role as a comedian was much glorious. Although he had a short career, but in this short time period, he made his place in the hearts of many people.

He started performing at the age of 15 against the will of his parents. He used to take drugs and drink a lot to be conscious. Finally, he was invited in TexasOutlaw Comics that helped him nurture as a comedian. However, it was not just his comedy that grew, his habit of drug taking and alcoholic addiction also grew massively.

Hicks started writing comedy when he was 13 years old. Within a short while, he got so much proficiency in the work that his high school English teacher used to allow him 5 minutes in the spot before starting the class.  When he graduated, he urged to walk on the road of comedy.

His first album, Dangerous was released in 1990. This was the start of his career.  He used to perform with a group of American stand up comedians in West End, London.

He made audiences in Canada, UK, and then finally in USA. At home, he was known to be unpatriotic. He got wider recognition when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He wanted to convey his last massage to the audience when he was performing at the Letterman Show but this chance was taken from him because it was considered that his material could be dangerous for the mainstream audience. After his death, he even got more popularity. His stand up comedy videos and clips started to get widely popular. He even appeared in the best and famous lists of comedians.

Bill Hicks had a great friendship with comedian Denis Leary. However after 1993, their friendship fell apart. Many comedians said that Leary was borrowing Hick’s persona for most of his acts.

During his stand up comedy acts, he used to invite audience to challenge authority.  He was also voted as the hot stand up comic in 1993 by Rolling Stone. He used to attack the mainstream society in most of his performances. Many of his stand up comedy videos and acts were based on such themes. But still he is one of the most astonishing performers of stand up comedy.


5 Best Stand Up Comedy Clips

Stress is the common thing in our daily life. We feel stressed over traffic issues, with the study issues, job issues, relationship issues, health issues, etc. To tackle such issues, we do our best to avoid the stress and stay normal. The only way to stay normal is by smiling or laughing. Of course, you cannot just smile or laugh without any reason, therefore, you need to have some source, which can make you laugh.

People do different things to overcome their stressed situations. Some goes out, some meet friends, some follow their hobby, and some try yoga. The ways are unlimited to cheer up you while in stress.  The well known one is to watch out the comedy videos. Some of the stand up comedy videos are very popular in this regard. People keep these videos in their smartphone and get the DVDs to watch whenever they want.

These days, a new trend has been introduced in which the user sends comedy videos to each other and enjoys them. These videos are fun to watch and relax the senses of people. There were lots of famous stand up comedians, who did amazing work in past to make people laugh. They have the quality that no one can ever beat and that is why, they are still remembered by their fans. Some of the all time best stand up comedy videos are as follows:

Holiday Traditions:

This is a very famous video by the comedian Jim Gaffigan. In this video, he is talking about some illogical holiday traditions that are super funny and can make you laugh even when you are in a grim mood.

Children and their secrets:

This is pretty renowned comedy clip that people love to see. It is by the stand up comedian Louis CK, who is telling about the things that children tell us. He is really performing that humor in a genius way in that clip.


Who does not know the great Jim Carrey? All of us do! He makes some great faces and can mould into any character so easily. Do you know that he did some stand up comedy as well? Yes, he has the video in which he is doing stand up comedy and telling us about his funny experience of growing up in Canada.

Nuclear Holocaust:

The highly famous comedian, who did some great acts, was famous for telling his absurd school kid experiences especially about how he used to create the bombs in his childhood.

Our similarities:

In this video of George Carlin, he is talking so simply and humorously about the common things, that all of us have in. This video is full of amazing humor.

Guidelines for Being a Standup Comedian

There are plenty of options for selecting a career for your practical life. Very few people choose to be a comedian. Mostly join it as part time activity but with proper guidance and planning, this can be a successful career. Numerous popular stand up comedians can be considered as examples. Stand up comedy videos also have financial benefits for artists at present. By keeping all this in view, I decided to be a comedian. The next step was finding some proper guidelines and making an effective plan for success. I started struggling for that and my keen observation and little practice gave me plenty of experience and success. I want to share some positive points here for guidance of people willing to join this career:

  1. Observe your surrounding intensely and try to find things, which are ignored by others but your treatment can turn them into something worthy. Watch others approach towards it but do not copy anyone and maintain your originality.
  2. In next step, practice to display your collected material, it is quite helpful to act in front of a mirror. It will help you to find flaws in your performance and you can improve your content and expression. Repeated practice will make you perfect for your task.
  3. Find some opportunity to make a break in the field. It can be a club, a school, college, or any gathering in your locality. Schools and colleges are easy in approach, as in clubs you may have to wait for long to get an opportunity.
  4. Before going to perform, you must have plenty of rehearsal to avoid any failure on the stage. Prefer being alone at your rehearsal time to keep your comedy unrevealed before time. Do loud rehearsal so that you can find the audio effect of your performance.
  5. Stand up comedy is quite tough, as it is in live atmosphere and there are no retakes. So, enhance your confidence by doing more and more practice before the actual event.
  6. Ensure that you have selected the material according to your target audience and they are really ready to listen what you want them to listen. When you hold microphone for your performance, keep in view the previous events performed on stage to judge the mood of audience in order tp set your target accordingly.
  7. Manage your material as per your allotted time. Do not surpass your allotted time, as it will affect your professional image and worth.

The Art of Cracking Jokes

The art of lightening someone’s mood or alleviating stress from an awkward situationis appreciated by everyone. The person who successfully do so is admired and tend to be liked by people. Being funny is impressive but it’s not enough without knowing how to crack the jokes. Well a creative mind teeming with funny ideas and witty jokes is appreciated but if a person doesn’t have the quality to smartly present them can spoil the entire feel of humour. The way you tell a joke, your tone, the expression you carry on your face while cracking the joke and your body language-all counts a lot in making a joke delivery approachable.

If you have a decent and sophisticated personality, you don’t necessarily need to act like a joker while narrating a humorous piece or passing a witty remark. All you need to avoid is to act like a robot who speaks without any expression and pace in the voice and fails to create any impact. Accept the fact that you cannot make anyone react positive on your delivery, you may hear a roar of laughs from one side and a drop of silence from the other side. But it shouldn’t be discouraging for you as everyone has a different sense of hilarity; what one finds hilarious might not be that witty for the other person so don’t take it on your heart. Your joke telling techniques will be slowly and gradually enhanced with constant practice. Your selection of jokes should be wise; try to avoid telling dirty jokes if you are sitting among the people you are not very close with. It might annoy a person and ruin your image.

Always maintain your dignity while acting funny and facetious and never directly attack a person or a certain religious or cultural group through your joke. Such controversial jokes are always taken as an attack and hurt the people badly. The more harmless your joke is, the more entertaining it would be for the listeners. Some people start laughing in the middle of telling the joke and frustrate the listeners. You should know the art how to control your laughter while telling the joke making it amusing for receivers. When you are done, join the listeners!

Refine and Shine in the show

allow yourself to shine

The very step to polish your stand up skills, is to become a frequent visitor of comedy shows. You can follow your favourite stand-up performers through social networks, the best place to keep in touch with them and stay updated about what they are up to and what are their upcoming releases. The online discussion forums and comments of fans on social networks also provide you a sound understanding about the sense of humour of majority of the comedy lovers. This is how you will learn what people think is funny and what should be the areas to consider while scripting a funny piece of writing for your comedy act.

When you are actually getting started with it, the first habit you should develop is to observe and write. You are a future comedian, you should be a keen observer who notice everything that comes his way. Keep a notebook with you and write everything interesting you observed or come across. At the end of the day, you will have a handsome amount of funny stuff that you can use in your stand-up act.

Now comes the presentation of what you have scripted. Your confidence is a main factor in making you a real comedian. Speaking confidently in front of a bunch of people helps a person greatly getting over the stage fear. If you are good at public speaking, you have probably the ability to run a good comedy act.  Going to the Open Mic Nights is also a great idea for breaking into comedy act. This will really help you to build up your confidence and test your abilities.

You can attend short courses to further polish your public speaking and interpersonal communication skills. The more confident speaker you are, the more successful comedian you will be in future. You will also find a wide range of Comedy courses conducted by many renowned academies. Even some comedians also organize workshops for the beginners to help them learn the basics of comedy and enhance their skills. You can learn several of secret tactics of comedy acts through these workshops.




What makes the Stand-up best?

Stand-up shows have always been fun with ability to bring height of happiness and joy in one’s life through the jolly statements, funny gestures and amusing creative theme lines. Whenever you attend a stand-up show it makes you think about the source of amazingly funny content that makes the comedy act successful. Do they have a team of creative copy writer and editors or it’s just all about the creativity of the person standing in front of you?

Well a successful comedy act counts on several factors in order to make it a real fun and entertainment for the audience. If we look into past, most of the comedians were found to have poor financial background. The content development and scripting of their stand up shows was solely their own productivity through daily life observations and of course creativity of their mind too.

But now in the era of comedy boom, stand-up comedy is a wide-ranging professional field with an ample team of ingenious minds. From the selection of the topic to the presentation of the act, there is the hard work of several creative people behind it but still 80% of the contribution comes from the Stand-up performer as he speaks out of the truth with the material having a personal connection with it. This is what makes the stand-up act exclusive out of the other comedy types.

A perfect comedy always let the audience relate to the subject matter of the act and a real performer knows how to create that connection. Making a current event the topic of your act can let you and your audience both relate to the topic and what makes it humours is the way performer looks at it and depicts it to the audience. Stand-up comedy is not restricted to any certain area and criteria, a comedianpossesses the ability to make anything he comes across a source of comedy for his coming up act. It’s all about manipulating and depicting things in a way that they become a mean a non-stop laughter. Do remember when a performer makes his comedy personal he never runs out of jesting material.