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An approach to easy search of comedy videos

Stand up comedy has made its way through new age. Numerous ways and sources are available for enjoying it. Plenty of sites are displaying these videos and updating them regularly for providing latest videos to their users. If you desire to find elite funny video clips from today’s most recent comedians, you should visit websites. Search engines can help you a lot for finding such elements. It will represent plenty of links from huge databases. Stand up comedy videos are a good source for leaning so the beginners should search them. Web offers good deal of funny videos, which help beginners to learn.

Multiple sites are serving society with this health recovering element of art. Each site has different categories of videos according to their nature and duration also. User can select the videos to watch online or to download.  Both facilities are available for users. Stand up comedians also create their videos and upload on public or personal website. Once you find out a website, it becomes easy to revisit the site. You can bookmark the pages of your interest, as it keeps your desired page only at a distance of one click.

The other means for collecting these videos is your friends’ circle.  From your office colleagues, you may get these videos. It is much easy now as most of people have smartphones or even phones with latest technology that makes this exchange quite easy. A person in your community, who is interested in comedy videos, could be a good source for you providing good comedy videos. Exchange of memory cards is also a good mean for spreading stand up comedy videos.

Social sites also display numerous funny videos. YouTube is a good source of funny videos. It has a large database of these video clips. These sites are a great help for locating hilarious video clips online. Through email and social networking, funny clips can be passed from person to person, often creating a ring drawing more concentration and more views until the funny video clip reaches an infiltration point with millions of views. While searching these videos, keep one thing in mind that these may be infected with virus that can damage your devices. As these media elements are an effective tool for virus spread, so be careful while looking for funny videos and make necessary steps for security of your devices such as phones, tablets, PCs, etc.

Stand up comedy – getting bookings

Whatever your profession, there will be one significant challenge that all colleagues agree is a pain.  In the world of stand up comedy, most comedians would probably agree that one of their biggest gripes is that of having to deal with bookers.  Even to the more experienced and well known comedians they are practiced at making themselves unavailable and this is even more of a problem for novice comedians trying to get their break.

Though you may well appreciate why this is, the fact they are facing a daily barrage of communications from artists seeking a slot on a limited listing, nevertheless it’s extremely frustrating and time consuming for the artist.

Well before you even begin to waste your time or theirs, be sure you have the basics covered.  Don’t pursue bookings unless you are sure you can fulfil the commitment, both in terms of time and material.  It sounds obvious, but some novices assume they can prepare once they have the booking, you cannot!  Make sure you are confident you have tried and tested material and can perform a routine for the length of the time of the booking.  In most cases, this will be 15 minutes, though in some cases the club owner might give a 5 to 10 minute slot to review your routine.  You will not be appreciated and therefore not get any re-bookings if you perform for less or more time than your slot.  Don’t assume that if you bomb you will not be rebooked.  Though you may have burned a bridge, some club owners are very forgiving and might have seen the potential in the performance of a novice.

If you have contacts on the comedy scene, try to get a recommendation from a proven headliner.  This really does improve your chances over a cold call to the club owner.  However, this is not as easy as it sounds, as sometimes established artists are reluctant to endorse your act in case it later reflects badly on them, so be prepared for rejection.

You should also consider developing a bio kit or media kit.  This basically consists of a biography, a DVD (or electronic file if you are e-mailing) of one of your sets and your comedy resume.  Again, be prepared for rejection.  Given the number of submissions they receive, some club owners may not even bother to view yours, but there is a chance that of the many you send, one or few will result in a booking.

A newer option for comics is the availability of online booking sites.  Usually you pay a subscription fee to get listed on the site and then will be alerted to the availability of new bookings which you then bid for.


Writing comedy material

Whilst most well known comedians are known as much for their delivery style as the type of material they perform, nevertheless the content can be as specific and unique to the performer as their delivery and on stage persona.

Having decided to embark on the road to being a stand up,  you will need to write your own material.   When starting to write comedy material, there are some basic rules that the writer should bear in mind and that will help avoid some potential pitfalls.

  • Write about what you know.  The key to being funny is to be believable and an audience will consider you phony if they sense your comedy is not coming from the heart.  Look for topics that interest you, or situations that you are familiar with.  If you cannot find humor in your everyday life and situations you probably should not be considering a future in stand up comedy.
  • As you are writing, bear in mind your usual style of delivery.  On paper it might come across as hilarious but unless it is supported by good delivery and you can perform it confidently and comfortably, the joke will fall flat.
  • You MUST be original.  There is no bigger sin in comedy than stealing another performers material.  That’s not to say you cannot cover issues and situations that other comedians cover, but do not recycle and package other comedians material in your own performance.
  • Write, write and write some more.  This cannot be exaggerated enough.  Just as you will be practicing your performance over and over, you should also be getting more and more experience at writing.  Admit when an idea doesn’t come off.  Sometimes you will work on material then admit it’s not working and it isn’t funny.  Bin it.  This is not failure, but a key skill in writing good material.  As you write more and more, your skills will develop, the better your sense of humor will become and you will find it easier to sift through your material to unearth the gems that you will later include in your performance.


Being controversial in your stand up

Of the various comedy styles, arguably the most famous stand-ups are masters of the art of observational comedy more than any other.  In this more liberal age, more and more are being successful at pulling off routines that manage to offend but in a humorous way.

Firstly, let’s be clear, this kind of comedy is not as easy as it looks.  If you are a happy go lucky, smiley kind of performer, it may not be for you.  Comedians who pull of this kind of humor tend to be dead pan, pessimistic and sarcastic in their on stage persona’s, so think firstly if your persona lends itself to this kind of humor.

I would at this point, just issue this warning.  The world of stand up comedy is extremely challenging and even more so if you adopt a style of sarcastic or controversial humor.  You will need a very thick skin to overcome the inevitable abuse and negative feedback from those members of the audience or critics who think you have crossed a line or simply don’t find this kind of humor funny.

In all our blogs about comedy, we’ve impressed upon the need to master your art by practicing and by watching others performers as much as possible.  However, particularly in the case of controversial stand up, to stand out you need to be original.  Be sure you are not basing your act in just copying the style and material of another stand up.  You may find mixing a number of attitudes and looks from other performers give you a base for your own stage persona.  Very few use a character totally different from their own persona, so if you’re a baseball cap and t-shirt kinda guy, probably a suit and tie won’t work for you.  If needs be, try a few out during your practices and rehearsals and see which lends itself best to you being comfortable and confident.

In terms of your material, as well as general observations of daily life, you will be able to source new material by being up to date with current events.  If you have a talent for controversial humor, there’s unlikely to be any event, however contentious or tragic, that cannot be used.

When you begin to market yourself or trying to attract bookings, you need to be clear in the type of performance an audience can expect and hopefully this will lead to you attracting audiences who enjoy your style and material.  No matter how funny you or your routine is, if you have a room full of grannies expecting good clean jokes, you will bomb!


Stand up comedy – so you think you have what it takes?

Well the professionals make it look so easy don’t they, but moving up from just amusing your family and friends with your funny antics to performing in front of an audience of strangers can be harder than it looks and very daunting!  However, if you’re thinking of giving it a go, either as a pastime or change in career, here’s some advice to help the process and get you started.

Research – see the masters at work by either catching their performances online or on DVD.  Wherever possible, catch some live performances as this will provide you with better experience of the audience participation/interaction with the stand up and how they deal with it.

Material – write, write and write again.  The more material the better and will provide you with opportunities to add variations to your routine as you start to perform more regularly.  Though one of the arts of a good stand up is to appear ‘off the cuff’, have enough material to get you through your routine.  As you hone your craft and your confidence grows, you may find you are able to improvise a little in your routine, but don’t rely on this in the early days.

Practice – practice out loud, maybe in front of a mirror or video record it.  As you feel your performances become less strained and you feel more comfortable and confident, get your friends and family to be a friendly audience.  Some stand ups even continue to ask friends/family to attend their first public performances just so they have some friendly faces in the audience.

Local venues – Research venues and events in your local area.  At first you may want to do plenty of ‘open mic’ events.  These are a great opportunity for you to get experience in front of a real audience.

Consider taking a course – Courses in stand up comedy are becoming increasingly popular and are particularly useful for novices to gain confidence and learn on stage and microphone techniques.  They are also good for establishing contacts in the business.

Experience – when all is said and done, nothing beats experience, so get as many gigs as you can.

So what’s holding you up?  Go for it!

Dealing With Hecklers Being A Comedian

Every crowd that has came out to enjoy a comedy show, will always have a few people who would have one too many drinks or they are just there to ruin the show for everyone else. In showbiz and everywhere where a live show is performed on stage, such people are commonly known as hecklers. There are other names to know these people by, but if I mention those names, then my post will probably not be published, so I’m going to think that you already know what those names are.

Dealing with hecklers is easy if you are a professional comedian and had made a name for yourself. Example; in one of Dane Cook’s shows, a guy was cheering too loud and out of place, so Dane just paused and addressed him for a second saying something like, “Dude please stop that! You’re ruining the show for everyone. If you do that one more time, I’m gona have you thrown out!”

So that’s one way to deal with a heckler, but since you are not Dane Cook or no where near him at the moment, you can use some of the other methods to deal with a heckler and the number one method is…

Ignore Him / Her!

It is always a good idea to ignore a heckler, but you really have to judge from the situation and what the heckler said to do that. If you have nothing to reply him / her with or if the club policy is not to insult their customers, then it is best that you ignore the heckler. It is in your best interest and you can easily continue with your show. More importantly, you will continue to perform at that club! However, if there are no club policies on dealing with hecklers. As in, they do allow stand up comedians to deal with hecklers then you should do the following…

Think of a Comeback!

If you are new to stand up comedy, then coming up with a good reply might be a bit difficult for you. But that is what stand up comedy videos are for! Watching stand up comedy is like, preparing for your big test. You not only revise what you already know, but you also get ideas for new things that you can do on stage and thinking of a good comeback to put a heckler down is one of them.

So, if you did not heard what the heckler said, then ask him or her to repeat and answer them politely “Yes”, “No Thank You!”, or a better comeback then that. However, it all depends on the situation and what the heckler said. So think of a good comeback and hit him / her with it without wasting a single moment.

How Not To Suck At Stand Up Comedy

If you have ever tried to make a crowd laugh, even if a little one, but failed terribly, then you need to get back to your drawing board and figure out where you went wrong. This article is supposed to be a resource for people who want to become comedians or stand up comedians, so if you know someone who is struggling to get into stand up comedy, then share this article with him/her.

Your Material

Picking the right material is extremely important, especially if you are performing somewhere other than a comedy club. Comedy clubs usually have no restrictions on the material you present on the stage, but just to be sure, check with the club beforehand about this. If you are performing at a party, a gathering, or a wedding, make sure to choose your material which is appropriate not only for the age group, but also for the occasion as well.

Your Preparation

Are you sure you are up to become a stand up comedian? This is one of those questions that you should be able to answer with Yes every day. This is because; comedians need a lot of practice to prepare for an event. Even before you go on the stage for the first time, it is important to prepare yourself and cover all bases. The two best ways to prepare yourself to become a comedian is to; 1, perform on a stage and see how the crowd reacts to your jokes, 2, learn from your mistakes and see how other comedians perform by watching stand up comedy videos. You can go about these steps the way you want to, but the point is that whether you watch stand up comedy videos before performing or after performing, the result will only be a little bit different. But the best thing to do is to learn from stand up comedy videos, perform, and then watch stand up comedy videos again to find solutions to the mistakes you made on stage.

Get As Much Practice As You Can

Perform on every stand up comedy stage you can because the more you perform, the more mistakes you will find in your and with these mistakes, you will find more opportunities to perfect your act and develop yourself into a great stand up comedian. Performing not only helps you perfect your act, but it also helps you create better material according to the crowd you are performing in front of. Furthermore, you will also learn your strengths and weaknesses as a stand up comedian.

So these are the few things that you need to keep in mind in order to not suck at stand up comedy.

Your Favorite Comedy Site Has A New Design Now

Over the years, we’ve yearned for an easy way to navigate Laugh Factory’s website and our prayers have finally been answered because Laugh Factory just received a new design along with some great changes. However, the real reason for writing about ‘just a design change’ is because the design is changed because of us, so it seems right that we appreciate it any way possible.

Old is never gold, especially when it comes to website designs and it was about time Laugh Factory decided to change its website’s design because just to be honest, the old design was just not trendy enough. Now you get latest updates in the slider along with featured comedians, shows, and upcoming events. Best joke right beneath it and if you’re looking to kill some time, you get the videos of some of the best comedians that perform at the Laugh Factory

My favorite part of the website would be upcoming events, jokes, and videos. Oops, I think I’ve just covered half of the website in my favorite list. Oh well, let me just tell you why I like these sections the most.



Although, I may not make it to the Laugh Factory every other night, but I do visit my favorite comedy club every chance I get. Kinda like how I am with fishing; I go fishing every chance I get because it’s relaxing, regardless of the fact that I’m one of the worst fisherman.  In the same way, I can relate to Laugh Factory; I might be terrible at telling jokes, but it doesn’t keeps me from enjoying good comedy every now and then.


Well, who doesn’t likes jokes? It’s just interesting and fun to read jokes when you have nothing better to do. However, one of the best things about Laugh Factory’s joke section is that you can submit new jokes as well. Just click on submit a joke and it’ll open a small new window. Write your joke, select appropriate category, select who the joke’s credit goes to, and finally click on submit. Now, your joke is shared with millions around the world.


Like I mentioned earlier that I don’t go to Laugh Factory often, so the video section helps me be there in my spare time i.e. I watch videos and pretend I’m watching it live (yeah I know I’m strange like that). But to be honest, not a lot of people have the luxury of visiting clubs either due to the lack of resources or due to lack of time. Whatever the reason is, you can always enjoy good comedy, performed live by some of the best comedians, from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere else.

The video section serves another purpose; for instance, if you’ve never been to Laugh Factory before, then viewing some of their videos might help you decided whether you want to spend a night full of laughter there or not.

There are tons of other new things in the Laugh Factory’s new design; I’m sure of it, but I just haven’t discovered all of them yet. So, just comment on this post if you find anything new and interesting in Laugh Factory’s new design that is worth sharing. Thanks for reading and have a nice day everyone.